Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Reformed Theology

Valentijn Hepp writes: "Calvinism is the broadest and deepest Christianity; or if you will, it is the purest Christianity; or, as I should prefer to qualify it, it is the most consistent and likewise the most harmonious Christianity." 

(In Beeke, Living for God's glory, pp. 38-9)

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Abraham Kuyper view on the Transformationist Model

How do Christians relate to culture?

First, in every sphere of life Christians are to think and act distinctively as Christians. Second, "Christians should articulate their way of thinking. speaking, and acting...in the course of interacting with non-Christians in our shared human practices and instutions." In other words, if as a Christian I am conscious of my Christian beliefs as I am living and working, these beliefs will affect everything I do in life.

(As summarized by Timothy Keller in Center Church, p. 196.)