Friday, 1 April 2016

Three Reasons Wrexham is a Great Place for a Christian to Live

Spring is in the air and I am feeling particularly positive about the gospel in Wrexham. Let me outline three reasons I think Wrexham is a great place for a Christian to live:

1. Compared to many parts of the UK, Wrexham has a good concentration of gospel-preaching churches in a relatively small area. These churches are linked to the FIEC, EMW or AECW. You can be choosy and still be assured of a good gospel 'feast' without needing to drive many miles!

2. These churches that you can be part of are serious about reaching out to lost people with the message of Christ. Take Easter for example. Here is just a smattering of outreaches that I heard were going on: Evangelistic Meal for mums with Maureen Wise; Good Friday service for those sleeping rough with Gus Eyre; Men's Curry & Carrom Evening; Easter Service with a meal before hand; a free Easter book table in the Central Arcade (Most popular book to be taken? The New Testament!); and Door to Door work with over 500 pieces of literature taken. Even if some of these events were of a social nature, the object for all of them was to introduce people to Jesus Christ.

3. Wrexham has a growing international community. I read a stastistic recently that said that something like 10% of people living in the immediate Wrexham area are not from the United Kingdom. My personal experience is that many of these people are open to the gospel. Foreign missions is right on our doorstep (says he who is one of those 10% who have moved into the area from outside the UK!).

So, if you live in Wrexham, pray that the Lord will use you to build his kingdom here! And if you don't live in Wrexham, why not come and be a part of what the Lord is doing? William Carey once said, "The more unreservedly you devote yourself to Jesus Christ, the more you will know his peace."

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