Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Tenth Commandment

In our family devotions we regularly say the Ten Commandments together. The tenth commandment is, "You shall not covet." We've also been reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (not during family devotions, of course!). Veruca Salt is a notorious example of how one might break the commandment (pp. 140-141):

'Hey, Mummy!' shouted Veruca Salt suddenly, 'I've decided I want a squirrel! Get me one of those squirrels!'

'Don't be silly, sweetheart,' said Mrs Salt. 'These all belong to Mr Wonka.'

'I don't care about that!' shouted Veruca. 'I want one. All I've got at home is two dogs and four cats and six bunny rabbits and two parakeets and three canaries and a green parrot and a turtle and a bowl of goldfish and a cage of white mice and a silly old hamster! I want a squirrel!'

This really made us laugh! I don't mean to make light of sin, but using examples such as these may be helpful when instructing children. When we preach we usually use illustrations for adults. We should also remember to use illustrations such as these which children can relate to.

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