Monday, 21 March 2016

Easter & Athanasius

Ikone Athanasius von Alexandria.jpgAs we draw closer to Easter, Athanasius has some words to say to those who deny the resurrection. (Athanasius lived in the 4th Century, was the bishop of Alexandria, and wrote a Christian Classic, still read today, called On the Incarnation of the Word of God.)

"In a word then, those who disbelieve in the resurrection have no support in facts... We are agreed that a dead person can do nothing; yet the Saviour works mightily every day, drawing men to religion, persuading them to virtue, teaching them about immortality, quickening their thirst for heavenly things, revealing the knowledge of the Father, inspiring strength in the face of death, manifesting Himself to each, and displacing the irreligion of idols; while the gods and evil spirits of the unbelievers can do none of these things, but rather become dead at Christ's presence, all their ostentation barren and void."

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