Monday, 1 February 2016

Back to Basics - Part 3

I did the third mini-sermon yesterday on something so basic, but easily forgotten. Here is a summary of what I said.

Today's mini-sermon is really basic, but it's the basics we often forget: I want to encourage you all to bring your own Bibles to church.

Some years back we purchased church Bibles for visitors who may not have brought their own Bibles to church. We also give out the page number so that those who perhaps are not used to using a Bible can find the passage more easily. However, having a church Bible has had an effect we did not intend, i.e. that many who regularly attend the church no longer bring their Bibles to church.

So I'm not intending to check up on you! But I would like you consider the advangages of bringing your own Bible to church.

First, it reminds you that what we do at church on the Lord's Day is serious. We need to prepare ourselves to come to church and plan to come to church. We don't just stumble into our seat. You need to plan to bring your Bible and perhaps this small preparation will help to remind you that meeting God with God's people is a serious occasion.

Second, if you follow the sermon in your own Bible, it will help you when you read the passage again that day or later on in the week for personal reflection and prayer. Each week I try to encourage you to re-read what was preached and to pray over what you have heard. If a particular verse stands out for you during the sermon, you are more likely to remember where that verse is later if you have seen it in your own personal Bible - perhaps you can even make a mark with a pencil to remind you where it is! You can't do this with a church Bible of course!

Third, it will build good habits into your children. If you have children, you want to set a good example. You can bring your Bible and you can encourage your children to do the same. I love doing the Bible reading from the front and seeing parents help their young children follow along.

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  1. I have to admit to being one of those that has a bib;e at home, but doesn't bring it to Church on Sunday.