Thursday, 1 October 2015

Community Eating

Last night before our Bible Study and Prayer Meeting, the church put into practice what we have been learning from the book of Acts: We enjoyed a community meal together. "We are church," as we have been hearing on Sunday mornings and the early church ate together regularly.

Revelation 19 encourages us to look forward to The Marriage Supper of the Lamb where the great multitude from every tribe, nation and language are gathered. Last night was a little foretaste of this, I felt. Cross-culture, cross-generational, and despite our differences, old and young, adults and children, South Africans, Portuguese, English and Welsh enjoyed shared in the joy of the Lord together around a table, naturally flowing then into a time of Bible Stu

dy and prayer.

Here's to many more such joyful occasions!

1 comment:

  1. It was a lovely evening - a true time of church fellowship, and I feel that it enhanced the study time too. (Plus the food tasted great - Thanks to the cooks!)