Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Study to Study

This week I have had to move my study to another office space in town. So hundreds of books packed into boxes by friends from the church (that's Benedito from Portugal in the picture), then carried across town, then back onto the bookshelves!

Look at the shelves behind Benedito - the commentaries are no longer in biblical order. That's no fault of those who were helping me. I simply asked them to put the books on the shelves - I'll rearrange them later. But this got me thinking: Do we know the order that the books appear in the Bible? Would we be able to arrange them in the order they should be?

This reminded me of the 1689 Baptist Confession. The first chapter, "On the Holy Scripture", includes with it the list of canonical books in the order they appear in the Bible. Knowing this stuff was considered by the early Baptists to be important enough to include in their Confession of Faith. It also reminded of a little South African man I knew called "Chalkie" who used to lecture us on children's ministry.  During one lesson he spoke about teaching children the order of the books of the Bible. He asked the question, "If you don't learn the order of the books, why would you expect children to bother?"

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