Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sabbatical Update - Week 8

"Some of us will escape death, but none of us will escape Judgment."  So says Alistair Begg in a sermon entitled, "He will Judge the World."  Watch the full sermon below (after you have read my latest Sabbatical update, of course!).

I completed my reading list from the John Owen Centre last week, so this week I am planning to do some writing as this will be helpful to pin down some of my thoughts and conclusions.  I feel like I am making good progress with the Hebrew, and I am keeping up with the Greek too.  I have managed to keep the Greek going (on and off) since Bible college days, but I intended to use this Sabbatical time to do further revision and improve my grammar and vocab - and, I am pleased to say, so far so good.

The languages are proving particularly helpful when dealing with particular words relating to Judgement and Hell.  For instance, just considering the New Testament, you may be aware that the newer NT translations tend to use the word "hell" to translate a number of words in Greek, including "gehenna" and "hades".  I am intending look a little deeper into how the word "hell" came to be used in our English translations, and also whether we might be better serve ourselves and our hearers by using transliterations of the words Jesus himself used.

Thanks again for the comments.  Keep them coming.  They are encouraging.  And thank you for your continued prayers.

Here's the sermon by Alistair Begg.  This guy can preach!

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  1. I always find it useful to look at a couple of different versions of the bible (normally NIV & NKJV for me) as this can help provide clarification on confusing verses. I am sure that knowledge of the original script will be even more enlightening!