Monday, 2 February 2015

Sabbatical Update - Week 6

Last week I met with Dr Garry Williams at The John Owen Centre.  This centre is part of London Theological Seminary where a good number of the pastors who preach at our church (as well as many FIEC pastors) have trained.

At this meeting, Dr Williams gave me a reading list and then he and I discussed the way forward for the next two months.  I found this discussion time extremely useful and he helped me to set some reasonable goals for the weeks ahead.

The work I will be doing will be divided into three parts:
  1. Exegetical: Looking carefully at the Scriptures dealing directly and indirectly with Judgement and Hell; Presenting a clear biblical argument for Hell and why it is eternal; Using these passages to show why teachings such as Annihilationism, Conditional Immortality, Universalism, Restorationism, etc. do not work and why they are false.
  2. Rational: Considering the logic of the doctrine of Hell, why it is just, and why it actually magnifies, rather than detracts from, the love of God.
  3. Practical, Pastoral, Preaching: Having considered the above, I will then look into the practical and pastoral questions which I have posed in an earlier post, such as how a believer deals with this doctrine when he has lost a loved one who did not believe, how and why this doctrine must be preached, etc.
Your prayers and comments would be appreciated!

I am also meeting every Monday morning with Philip Eveson, former principal of London Theological Seminary, who lives in Wrexham.  He is teaching me Hebrew.  My first lesson was this morning and it was very enjoyable.  He is pushing me hard, and wants me to complete all 28 lessons in the course he has devised.  So prayers for this too, please!

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  1. I would imagine that talking about the reality of hell to someone who has just lost a non-believer would be very difficult. I will keep you in my prayers while you study this difficult aspect of our faith.