Monday, 2 February 2015

Herman Bavinck on Eternal Punishment

"If human sentiment had the final say about the doctrine of eternal punishment, it would certainly be hard to maintain and even today find few defenders."

Bavinck later says: "Human feeling is no foundation for anything important...and neither may nor can it be decisive in the determination of law and justice."

This is a good place to begin when considering the doctrine of Hell. If we try to make sense of it through our feelings, we will create for ourselves all sorts of problems. So, we must begin by accepting that God is just and perfectly determines what is right and what is wrong. As Bavinck says, "Over and over our sense of justice and our our compassion clash. We are either too soft or much too severe in our judgment. But in the case of the Lord our God this is not, and cannot be, so."

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  1. Good comments. We can only apply our own imperfect emotional feeling to this subject and will inevitably be wrong.

    Our faith is founded on the fact that God is perfect and loves each and every one of us, so therefore Judgment and Hell are there for a reason that only God fully understands.