Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sabbatical Update - Week 2

It is good to be back in South Africa. All the familiar sounds and smells and doing those things I did when I was a boy: Fetching water from the well, chasing lions out of the back garden, cooking on the open fire and trying to track down the nearest WiFi spot!

Gotcha WiFi! I should have posted this sooner but I haven't had easy access to Internet. This is simply to say that we are here, having a great time and really enjoying renewing contact with family.


  1. Hi Andrew, good to hear that your going back to your childhood! You must remember to tell me when you get back how to chase lions from your back garden. We are having terrible trouble with them in Bersham.

    1. Sorry to hear about the Bersham lion problem. I suggest redirecting the river through the valley around your house. This should keep them away, although you might want to check with the neighbours first!