Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Order of Salvation - What it Is, Why it Matters, and Who Got it Wrong - Part 2

PART 2: Redemption Applied

Redemption was planned: Chosen by the Father in Christ before the foundation of the world.  Redemption was accomplished: The death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Over the next few days we will see how Redemption is applied, with particular reference to the Holy Spirit.

Look at Romans 8:29-30.  These verses alone do not tell us everything that is involved in the application of redemption, but they do show us that salvation is not “one simple and indivisible act.”[1]  Therefore, they provide the biblical basis for the application of redemption in a series of steps.  Or as John Murray explains, “a series of acts and processes”.  In other words, there is such a thing as an Order of Salvation.

After election, and the accomplishment of redemption, then comes the following: Calling, regeneration, conversion, justification, adoption, sanctification, perseverance, glorification.

I need to say something here about Union with Christ.  The New Testament says over and over again that we are “in Christ”, “in Christ, “in Christ”.  This is Union with Christ.    There is debate about where this should come in the order.  I am not going to enter into that debate here.  However, it is important to see that if we were not “in Christ”, then none of these things in the Order of Salvation would be true of us.  As an example, God didn’t just choose us before the foundation of the world.  God chose us “in Christ” / “in him” before the foundation of the world, so says Ephesians 1:4.  Also, God didn't just regenerate and sanctify us.  He regenerates and sanctifies us "in Christ": “We are his workmanship, created in Christ to do good works.” (Eph 2:10, emphasis mine).  We could go on.

Over the next few days will look at the steps in the Order of Salvation, one or two at a time.

[1] Murray, R:A&A, p. 80

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